Sport in Sardinia

In Sardinia one can practice most sports one can think of. Mountain sports or beach sports, it's up to the tourist to choose. Sardinia's mountains have a lot to offer for the mountain trekking or mountain-biking lovers. In the same time, there are numerous scuba-diving clubs in the beach resorts surrounding the island. Surfing is also very popular here, Sardinia being renowned as the Hawaii of Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba-diving and Snorkeling

Aqua Diving Centre - Puntaldia

Aqua Diving Centre - Puntaldia

This club is located at Puntaldia, the most exclusivist scuba-diving places in Italy. This scuba-diving centre offers high quality services and scuba-diving training and lessons while making sure it's all 100% safe for the students.

Karibu Scuba-Diving

Karibu Diving

Karibu Scuba-Diving club has three branches across Sardinia; at Capo Coda Cavallo, San Teodoro and Capo Caccia. For the ones who want to get the scuba-diving baptism and never dived before, this club is the best place to start taking scuba diving lessons and learning the basic diving techniques, under the supervision of the best diving instructors.

Blu Infinito Diving Centre

Blu Infinito Diving Centre - Sardinia

Bluinfinito takes you to the most amazing scuba-diving location; here you'll have the chance to observe and learn about the amazing underwater fauna of the Mediterranean Sea coast of Sardinia. Their staff is well trained and very professional.

Nautilus Diving Centre

Nautilus Diving Centre - Sardinia

This club can take you to more then 40 scuba-diving locations spread across the La Maddalena and Lavezzi Underwater marine park. The centre hires any type of scuba-diving equipment and it gives the tourist an opportunity to follow an underwater photography course.

Surfing and Kitesurfing

Capo Mannu Kite Surfing School

Capo Mannu Kite Surfing School - Sardinia

Capo Mannu kitesurfing school initiates you to this high adrenaline level sport. Experienced kitesurfers are very welcome too.

Wet Dreams Surf and Kite

Wet Dreams Surf and Kite Lessons

Windsurfing lessons, in the front of La Cinta Beach, the club also hires surfing boards and kite boarding equipment.

Kite Zone

Kite Zone - Sardinia

The club is located in the neighborhood of Cagliari. If you are a novice and you would like know how to practive kitesurfing, this is the perfect place to start.

Is Benas Surf Club

Is Benas Surf Club

Is Benas Surf Club offers a seven day intensive surfing training course for those who want to uncover the secrets of surfing. The club also offers accommodation and tourist packages, a course of survival in the water techniques and tips. The courses and lessons have all a theoretic and practical part, under the supervision of professional staff.

Silvestri Surf

Silvestri Surf Club - Sardinia

At Silvestri Surf one can get introduced to classic surfing but also kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Fishing Tours

Asinara Fisherman

Asinara Fisherman - Sardinia

A club organizing recreational fishing tours on the coast of Sardinia.


Pescatour Sardinia

Pascatour organizes fishing trips to the amazing area of Villasimius - you will have the occasion to cook and taste the fish you just caught.

Palaumare Sardinia

Palaumare Sardinia

Fishing trips and excursions around the costal area of Palau and Maddalena Archipelago

Delfino I

Delfino I

Il Trabucato

Organizes marine fishing trips and excursions in the Asinara National Park.

Paragliding / Pilot Training and Flight School

San Teodoro Flight School

San Teodoro Flight School - Sardinia

Flight School where tourists can be initiated into the secrets of flights and piloting an aircraft. You can also let yourself taken into the air above the island of Sardinia by one of the experienced pilots of the school, having the chance to see sights you'll never forget - you can also see dolphins swimming around the sea coast.

Aec I Grifoni - Sardinia

This Paragliding club offers comprehensive lessons and courses given by professionals instructors and coaches.

Paratrek Sardinia

This club comes with a different approach to the Paragliding flight - the club has several different paragliding itineraries which will give you an extraordinary experience.

Golf in Sardinia

Borgo Di Campagna Golf Club

Borgo di Campagna Golf Club

Surrounded by a very rustic area, away from the city or tourist rush, Borgo di Campagna Golf Club offers an intimate location, ideal for practicing golf.

Circolo Golf Is Molas

Is Molas Golf Club Sardinia

Circolo Golf is Molas is one of the most beautiful golf circuits in Europe, situated in a very special place, surrounded by the mediterranean warm atmosphere.

Is Arenas Golf Club

Is Arenas Golf Club Sardinia

Located in a very special place to the west of Sardinia, in an area dominated by pine trees and nearby a 4 km long beach, Is Arenas Golf Club has a special golf field with vast green areas and some "dangerous" natural sand dunes.

Golf Club Puntaldia

Golf Club Puntaldia Sardinia

A real golf club having under its administration a four star hotel and a SPA centre, Golf Club Puntaldia is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia.

Pevero Golf Club

Sassari Golf Club

Sassari Golf Club

Sassari Golf Club has golf instructors and facilities for all those who want to learn the secrets of golf but also for those who want to improve their golf technique.

Horse Riding (Equestrianism)

Centro Ippico Ala Birdi

Centro Ippico Ala Birdi

The staff of Centro Ippico Ala Birdi numbers 200 persons, all very professional and offering their best service to anyone who would like to start riding a horse, for children or for the ones who are familiarized already with the Equestrianism.

This centre offers horse riding courses on 400 hectares of land. The club hires any type of equipment and outfits - from the cowboy outfit to the elegant english riders outfit.

Sardinienreiter Riding Holidays

Riding Holidays

This Equestrianism Centre has veri well train horses. Tourists can enjoy horse riding excursions in the nature, this way discovering a wilder part of Sardinia on the horse.

Sardigna Equitours

Sardegna Equitours

If you feel like discovering the wild part of Sardinia around Ruiu and Nieddu mountains, this club is the perfect place start from, on a horse, of course.

Il Muto Di Gallura

Il Muto di Gallura

Il Muto di Gallura is set in a very welcoming and tranquil rural area. You will have the chance to ride a horse here and discover the culture of the place, the astonishing natural landscapes dotted with small villages and old churches. This, of course under supervision of very professional horse riding trainers.

Mandra Edera

Mandra Edera

In a single word: tradition. Set in the right middle of Sardinia, this Equestrianism club awaits you to come and discover the Sardinian culture and inland landscapes.



Mendulas is a Equestrianism centre located between the beach and the mountain; an ideal location to jump on the back of horse and contemplate the Sardinian natural beauty and the joint between the beach and the mountain. The centre is away from the city rush, here having the chance to relax and sense the smell of wild flowers as well as observe the animals in their primordial environment.


Transardinia Mountainbiking


There are emotions, sensations and ways you must experiment at least once in your lifetime. Transardinia is one of these - a trip from the north of the island to its south, crossing the highest and most inaccessible mountain peaks. 450 km of offroad adventure, away from civilization, car traffic and the noise of the big cities.

GalluraBikePoint Sardinia

Gallura Bike Point Sardinia

GalluraBikePoint is indeed the place where mountainbiking means biking through the mountains - a special way to access incredible natural landscapes, to meet warm an welcoming people and also discover hidden food pleasures, reserved to the ones who really want to discover them.

Ichnusa Bike

Ichnusa Bike Sardinia

A bicycle trip is a different way of getting into the mountain intimacy and explore its territory. A synergic mix of adventure, fun and tradition which does not require a perfect physical shape.